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We just want to thank not only Jo and Nacho Moran for supporting this clinic but one of our riders, Paula Nilsson who took the time to write the Chapter Chair this amazing note.  It's feedback like this that makes all the hard work worth it!

"I wanted to thank the San Diego Chapter for offering the ‘Dressage For The Rest of Us’ clinic with Jo and Nacho Moran.  I was very impressed with both Jo and Nacho’s ability to work with me and my horse.  Their communication is top notch and they were able to give instruction I could understand and apply!  I attend as many clinics as possible to both ride and audit.  This was by far my best experience at a clinic.

I have heard it all, inside leg to outside rein, more leg, ride back to front to the connection, soften…all of which I have applied to my current horse.  Still I was stuck with a couple big issues that I have not been able to conquer.  Through the instruction I received from Jo and Nacho I learned the secret to filling out my horse’s hollow side.  I was taught techniques for dealing with my mare’s fussy contact (not to mention her attitude) as well as improving her stretch and relaxation.  I was given lots of praise and positive reinforcement as we worked which was very encouraging to me.  

I have taken those techniques home and am applying them with success.  It is incremental and I know that all things in dressage take time, but I was at my wits end and ready to give up all together.  I have spent many hours in training where neither I nor my horse actually learned much, both coming away frustrated.  Working with Jo and Nacho I now understand that there is a vast difference between training and learning.  Hours spent training don’t always accomplish the goal unless some learning is also taking place.  Both my horse and I learned something at this clinic.  To see progress is worth everything to me.

Thank you again for introducing me to Jo and Nacho Moran.  I would be very interested in another clinic with them to add to my toolbox and expand my love and knowledge of Dressage!"

Congrats to the CDS 2015 year end awards winners! What a great showing from our San Diego Chapter:

RIDER                          HORSE/LEVEL
Sharon Engel                More Lux 1st, 3rd/1,2
Heidi Lundgren             Maximus TR/4
Nicole Oberman            Babayaga 1st/2
Emily Park                     Riva Dee Jr/2
Debby Rosenberger      Monique TR/3
Ayden Uhlir                  Sjapoer PSG, I1/3*,1*
Lana Vandamme            Willow TR/2
Terri Sue Wensinger    Valentino PSG/2
Stacy Wile                    Herbie TR/1

Congrats to our 2015 CDS Adult Amatuer Clinic winner Caroline Underwood!!

Courtesy of CDS Central and her local chapter (CDS SD) she will not only get to ride for free but she will also be given a $250 travel grant to help with transportation and lodging. This is just one of the many programs CDS offers it’s members to promote education and the advancement of our beloved sport.

For more information on the clinic please click here: 2015 Adult Amatuer Clinic

If you would like to learn more about what CDS has to offer click on the following link: CDS Scholarships


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